Thursday, December 06, 2007

Exercise in speed-blind-texting

what do i do when i've decided to go to work by bus, and the bus takes so long that i'm super late, bored, and still only halfway to work?

Arbit stuff.

Today's arbit timepass: how fast and how much i can type on my cell without looking at the screen (and making as few mistakes as possible).

That's right, i've been texting/mailing/blogging from my cell so much over the part few months that i can type without looking at the screen, that too with the t9 dictionary on my cell on. Very useful when sitting in boring/sleep inducing training sessions and occasionally meetings at work.

I just hope no one from my office reads this :P

i just realised i also know the locations of the symbols i use for smileys too. Yayyy!

Current count for this post: 9 looks at the screen, 3 of which resulted in corrections.

Ps: proofreading resulted in just 7 more corrections. Double yayyy!


My Foot? said...

lol ! you're good.... I'd make a million mistakes if I knew I wasn't supposed to look at the screen n type...

(whoa! typed this one without lookin, had to correct 'million" though :P )

Meghna Bhujwala said...

way to go!!!

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