Tuesday, December 11, 2007

ask eraser - tada??? nada!!!

i was pleasantly surprised today to find that two people who's blogs i subscribe to posted about the same thing, just 25 minutes apart. ladies and gentlemen, i now present: seth godin and rahul batra.

the topic in question: askEraser. it's apparently ask.com's response to internet users' demand for a good search engine that doesn't search and mine their search history. wonder how well it'll work.

rahul's post is (quite typical of his style) short and sweet, while seth's post offers some interesting insights as to why privacy isn't all that important to the average internet user too.

anyway, as far as i'm concerned, i'm sticking with google. if data mining my personal communication was that big a deal, i'd have never used google products. looking at the way i use the internet, it seems to me that i've been trying to feed google as much data as i can about myself, so that one fine day they know exactly what i want before i can think of it. and yes, it wouldn't surprise me either :D


Anonymous said...

Still reading my blog entries, eh :)

I thought you'd be bored by now. :D

krist0ph3r said...

google reader...it keeps me up-to-date with over 60 blogs, yours included :)

oh and i'm more surprised you're not bored yet...you post twice a month, i post 20 times a month :D

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