Friday, March 30, 2007

my favourite music videos




the reasonhoobastankwatch on youtube
ecstasyatbwatch on youtube
sunriseangel citywatch on youtube
my favourite gamethe cardiganswatch on youtube
numblinkin parkwatch on youtube
another chanceroger sanchezwatch on youtube
goodbye my loverjames bluntwatch on youtube
don't leave homedidowatch on youtube
eternityarmin van buurenwatch on youtube
my sacrificecreedwatch on youtube
how you remind menickelbackwatch on youtube
bring me to lifeevanescencewatch on youtube
what's this life forcreedwatch on youtube
saltwaterchicanewatch on youtube
ray of lightmadonnawatch on youtube
return to innocenceenigmawatch on youtube

Thursday, March 29, 2007

While i was sleeping

Yesterday morning, when i woke up, my roomie commented that i hold my second pillow as if it is my girlfriend or something.

I just woke up at 5:45am today for a glass of water. I was pretty surprised to find myself holding on to a pillowcaseless pillow, with the pillowcase thrown outside the bed. Wonder if my future girlfriend will mind me doing stuff like that in my sleep ;)

Ok, pillowcase is now back on pillow...good night again, everyone :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

my favourite wap sites

of late, i've been surfing a lot from my cell's ancient (Series60) WAP browser. here's my list of favourite WAP sites: - download opera mini, and kiss ancient S60 browsers goodbye!!! you only need the below links if you cant use opera mini for some reason. - it translates all HTML search results into WML. an absolute must. - gmail for my cellphone - can't live without it!!!! - msn messenger and hotmail on WAP. works good for me. - yahoo mail and messenger. messenger is especially useful. - excellent downloads of symbian and java software for cellphones.

Monday, March 26, 2007

tongue tied me

i used to be a very quiet guy when i was in school and early in college. then i suddenly realised that i love to talk, and i haven't stopped ever since :)

funny thing is that when i'm around friends that i got to know during the tongue tied phase of my life, i automatically go back to my quiet (former) self. really weird and inexplicable (to me atleast), but true. i simply run out of things to say before i get started. like last saturday, when i met up with my ex-classmates from xaviers. so many of my classmates even asked me why i wasn't talking much...i could only reply "i was always quiet, wasn't i?"

Saturday, March 24, 2007

alcohol induced thoughts

i had a great yesterday evening. special thanks to:
a. people who kept me company from the start.
b. people who turned up despite all odds.
c. people who stayed on till we could drink no more.
d. person who tolerated me swaying all over the roads, while i was pretending i'm not drunk.
e. person who forgot all about me, and hence didn't turn up.
f. people who pretended i'm not drunk, or didn't notice, and gave me nice hot food at 2am.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

songs and memories

i love the mp3 player in my cellphone. it plays something like a soundtrack to my life. it allows me to listen to my "favourite song for today" 24x7 (or as long as its battery doesn't run out). so now, i have about 2 years of "favourite songs for today". a few of them were my favourite for a day or so, others for weeks, and a few of them even lasted for a month or two.

the best part about listening to music as i go about my life, is that i can relive that part of my life by just playing the song. it all comes back to me - the sights, the sounds, the feelings and emotions, even the weather.

i'm listening to "you once told me" by andain. i'm in the rain, standing at the door of a (somewhat empty) fast train, my windcheater's in my bag because i'd rather get wet, it's early august 2006, it's almost sunset, i'm on my way home from college. i'm planning my trip to matheran with a certain miss d. i'm in love. i feel warm on the inside even though i'm pretty much drenched and almost shivering on the outside. i'm happy beyond measure. life seems perfect.

dunno who i'm quoting, but "god should have given everyone an iPod inside their head". actually any mp3 player would do as well :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

send mails from excel

just did this today, seems like something useful: it allows you to send emails from excel 2003, provided your default MAPI client is configured on your windows system.

this example sends an email with the text "hello".

here's how i did it:

1. configure outlook or outlook express for sending emails

2. in an excel file:
view -> toolbars -> control toolbox
more controls -> microsoft mapi session -> (insert into sheet1)
more controls -> microsoft mapi message -> (insert into sheet1)
tools -> macros -> visual basic editor
insert -> module

3. enter into the module:
Public Sub sendEmail()
Dim emailAddr As String
emailAddr = ActiveCell.Text
With Sheet1.MAPIMessages1
.SessionID = Sheet1.MAPISession1.SessionID
MsgBox .SessionID
.RecipAddress = emailAddr
.MsgNoteText = "Hello"
.RecipType = 1
.Send 0
End With
End Sub

4. close the visual basic editor, go back to excel
5. enter an email address anywhere in the excel file, and select that cell
6. tools -> macros -> macros -> sendEmail -> run
7. click away any security warnings :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Blog from my cellphone!

Apparently i can blog from my cellphone! No more lost thoughts :)

missing you

my last weekend was an eventful one. i miss my folks all week, and last week was no different. it's funny though, how people seem different when you're missing them and when you meet them. sometimes it feels like you don't miss them, but you miss how they were. my consolation is that my parents were probably tired after a long week.

i also met my ex last weekend. i've missed her a lot over the past 3 months. but somehow, after i met her, i was left wondering what exactly i missed. i guess a failed relationship changes people, and she and i are no exception. still, it's very saddening to miss someone who's changed so much, cos meeting her doesn't make me miss her any less, it just makes me a little more miserable than i was before.

miss you, daf.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

always be sure who you're talking to

this is true. it happened 15 minutes ago. i swear. i'm still red in the face from all the laughing.

i was on the phone with this friend of mine, she was at work. in the middle of our conversation, she puts me on hold. 5 seconds later she answers the phone. here's an account of the conversation:

(f = friend, k = kris a.k.a. me)

f: hello?
k: hi
f: who's speaking?
k: i think you know
f: savio?
k: no
f: (3 or 4 more guys names)?
k:'s me!
f: can i have your name please?
(i thought the caller had hung up before she could answer - happens to me all the time)
k: i forgot my name
f: i'm very sorry but i can't help you if you don't give me my name
k: but i forgot my name!
f: (another half dozen guy's names)
k: no...none of those are my names. you know my name.
f: i'm sorry, but can i have your name please?
k: no! i don't remember my name!
f: ok. are you a customer of xxxxxxxx? do you have any grievance that i can help you with?
k: yes. i have a grievance. i was on the phone, you put me on hold, and now you've forgotten my name!
f: which number are you calling from?
k: i didn't call. you called me. i gave you a missed call and you called me back.
f: who do you wont to speak to?
k: i want to speak to sonu!!!!
f: sony?
k: not sony!!!
f: do you want to speak to sony?
k: no i dont want to speak to sony. i want to speak to sonuuuuuuuu. onuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!
f: sony?
k: wait a sec. don't you know who i am? are you acting? cos that's real good acting.
f: there's no one named sonu here. which company do you want?
k: i want your company. (***this line cracks me up when i just think of it***)
f: (long silence)
k: hello? it's me!!!! what happened?
f: (speaking to someone else in the background)
k: hello...hello?
f: (in her usual voice now) krisu!!!!!!!
k: sonu!!!
f: what were you talking to my boss about for so long?
k: that was your boss???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i woke up today at 6:59 am (after 5 hours of sleep) without any alarm. i was over an hour early for the first bus i could take to work. while brushing my teeth i had a random thought. i thought i wasn't lazy enough to not start a blog. i guess i thought right. i also thought i'm too lazy to maintain a blog for over a month. i hope i'm not right again.

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