Friday, March 30, 2007

my favourite music videos




the reasonhoobastankwatch on youtube
ecstasyatbwatch on youtube
sunriseangel citywatch on youtube
my favourite gamethe cardiganswatch on youtube
numblinkin parkwatch on youtube
another chanceroger sanchezwatch on youtube
goodbye my loverjames bluntwatch on youtube
don't leave homedidowatch on youtube
eternityarmin van buurenwatch on youtube
my sacrificecreedwatch on youtube
how you remind menickelbackwatch on youtube
bring me to lifeevanescencewatch on youtube
what's this life forcreedwatch on youtube
saltwaterchicanewatch on youtube
ray of lightmadonnawatch on youtube
return to innocenceenigmawatch on youtube


My Foot? said...

*bows to Kris*

Oh great king, thank you sooo much for adding "saltwater" to the list, haven't watched that video in 5 years.. maybe more

*bows again*

krist0ph3r said...

thank you my loyal subject, i look forward to seeing you online and transferring more music...and any new stuff you like too :D

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