Thursday, April 29, 2010

choose your evil

The grass is greener on the other side...but that's because the muck is also deeper there :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

my excuse

Relationships are complicated. Friendship is simple. I am lazy. Whatever.
-- kris, late on a tuesday afternoon, on twitter.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Murphy's law of shopping

If you go shopping, and look/check out a few things without looking at the price tags, the one you like will be the most expensive of the bunch.

My list so far: wine (and I'm a very uneducated taster), clothes (every single time), perfume, sunglasses...the list goes on!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

un-survival instincts

i have this habit of keeping stuff in my bike's dashboard. tonight, it was a largish book that just about fit.

i was riding home from mich's place with the book jammed into the dash best i could. which actually seemed rather snugly jammed in, to be honest.

till i hit a bump and it flew out.

what happened next is beyond my comprehension.

i took both my hands off the handles, grabbed the book while braking with my foot pedal, and put the book back in. while the bike was still getting out of the bump.

i could have done it easily with just one hand.

the book was resting nicely on my lap, so i could have waited to get out of the bump and then some.

braking could have actually make things worse as the book would have a tendency to fly forward. not to mention the bike getting out of control.

thankfully, the bike didn't so much as waver in the slightest. i did freak out a nearby rickshaw driver though.

i really wonder where that reflex came from. because it certainly wasn't from the need for self preservation.

say what?

Had snip be bad. This tax high y b available tnibd.while coz I ,les I gas r task. Wkaywvec
- kris, on twitter, at 5am, after half a bottle of scotch.

ps: i didn't even know i did this. it would have even slipped by unnoticed if it wasn't for an observant friend. the extreme incoherence is also partly because of the touchscreen and my huge thumbs :D

Friday, April 02, 2010

happy good friday

n is my friend from office, k is (as usual) me...conversation at 10pm yesterday, in office after the maundy thursday service :)

n: so, all set to enjoy the long weekend?
k: ummm...not's more of a religious thing...
n: it's some sort of feast right?
k: well not exactly a "feast". just some very religous days. the last 3 days of jesus' life. we go to church and stuff. i was in church just now for like the last 2 hours. i'll be in church for like half of tomorrow.
n: oh, so what do you do in actually pray for so long?
k: no, we don't just's sorta a re-enactment of jesus' last 3 days.
n: like a play?
k: no, not a play. just some symbolic stuff. like today we had the last supper and washing of the feet.
n: okay, but there is some feast right?
k: yeah, that's easter. on sunday, when jesus came back to life.
n: he came back to life?
k: yeah, pretty much so.
n: and he's still alive?
k: yeah, he stayed around for a few weeks or months and then went to heaven.
n: so did he just come off the cross?
k: oh no...he died and he was buried and stuff, and he came back to life after 3 days.
n: wow, he dug himself out?
k: okay, sorry, he wasn't exactly buried. he was put in something like a coffin and put in a cave.
n: they just left him in a cave?
k: oh no, it was actually a tomb that was like a cave. they closed it with a huge stone and all.
n: so what did he do?
k: he came to life and rolled aside the stone and waited for his disciples to come to see him.
n: wow, he came out of the coffin and opened the cave by himself?
k: yeah he did...
n: *incredulously* wow, really!!!
k: *shrugs* it's what we believe in.
n: cool!!!

ps: reproduced (and probably slightly altered in the process) without permission :D

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