Thursday, July 31, 2008

Trust and carelessness

I often leave my wallet lying at my desk at work while i walk around, grab some coffee, or even attend meetings and have lunch. I guess that's trust (when everyone's earning better than you are, why would they bother with crime?)

Last night, i was feeling like taking the bike for a spin, and since i was wearing a pair of shorts, i put my wallet (which contained my license) in the dash, and rode off.

Guess where i found it today morning.

Same place. Same condition. Not a note or credit card touched. And this is in broad daylight, in front of the entrance to my apartment. And my wallet was loaded (a few lacs counting my cards, a few thousand in cash!). If the guy who washes my bike every morning had taken it, it'd probably cover his lifetime's income :D

I guess the people who passed it are either completely trustworthy or blind :P

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

vodafone advertises their ripoff

what's a really sneaky way to make money? advertise a service, and then make it more expensive!

a few days ago, when vodafone texted me to inform that my free calls and night-time discounts don't apply to conference calls, i was pissed.

when i spotted their advertisements for their conferencing service on tv today, i realised how evil their plan was.

conferencing has been around since i've had a vodafone connection (4 years now) and more. it's always been free. and no one ever advertised it.

oh and the advertisements aren't some cheap inserts in my newspaper. no, they really had to do it big. one minute prime time advertisements. played over and over again.

why don't they just stop advertising and give me cheaper call rates? i'd love to promote vodafone for free (and i've been doing it all along too, except that i might not any more)

Monday, July 28, 2008

airtel sucks!!!

thanks to a few of my friends who use airtel, i've been kinda frustrated with the mobile provider for the past few weeks. apparently someone on twitter with a lil-above-average ESP and a way-above-average sense of humour sensed my frustration and requested me to follow him/her/it.

here's what the sidebar of airtelsucks' twitter profile looks like:

the line that got me rotfl was the one about the follower request:

"accept airtelsucks or deny airtelsucks"

i guess that didn't quite come out right...or did it? hmmm :P

oh and still links to vodafone. nice!!!

no mail today

gmail's smtp server has mysteriously stopped allowing me to send mail from my trusty xda zinc for the past week or so. as a result, i have an ever-increasing outbox. how long will it be before i decide the messages are irrelevant and delete them from my outbox? i'd love to know.

ps: title inspired from my favourite herman's hermits song, "no milk today" :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

drifting in a sea of humans

i stopped watching tv when i was a kid. i stopped reading the news a few years ago too. at first, i made up for it by reading news online. now i just keep my eyes and ears open when i'm around my friends to know what's happening outside.

what interests me instead is thoughts of individuals. people i know. people i don't. unexceptional human beings. in most cases, through blogs - but i guess that's only because i'm too lazy to go out and meet new people in person, and getting people to talk about themselves probably feels unsettling to the talker.

it's very weird. i somehow don't care about the world as a whole any more. it's only the what's in the minds of people in it that i find interesting.

i'd rather look at a single flower in a meadow than run through it and watch all of it blur past. listen to someone's dreams instead of what's happening in the stock market. listen to a teenager bitching about her friends rather than the latest gizmo on the news.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


i have a mail that's been kept unread for a week so far, because it's something i need to follow up on and i'm never feeling like doing that, even though the mail is my face everywhere i iGoogle home, my phone's home screen and inbox, and of course, my typically-empty gmail inbox.

i wonder what it will take to get me moving...

Friday, July 18, 2008

seratonin sunrise

i've always noticed one thing when waking up after a night of good drinking: unless i sleep 10-12 hours, i wake up still feeling a mild buzz. and it wears off in the first half an hour of waking.

anyone know of an explanation? i'm really curious to know if i'm still full of alcohol but don't know it - because i'm gonna be at work 30 minutes from now :P

ps: title inspired from seratonin sunrise by man with no name - thanks to my favourite line from the song: "we're paying the price of last night's experiments".

somehow, it's the perfect song to listen to after a night that had it's highs. maybe it's the connection between psy trance and goa operating on many levels :D

Sunday, July 13, 2008

new blog template!!!

for the first time since i started this blog in march 2007, i've completely replaced my blogger template. if you're looking at this post in facebook or a feed reader, feel free to stop by and take a look...i appreciate suggestions and feedback...and a lil praise never hurts :P

thanks to made by madeline for the *free* smoke template - it took a lot of editing and xml nitty gritties to ensure that i didn't lose any of my valuable goodies (the template used by itself would have thrown away my google analytics, hit counters, feedburner and all the widgets), but it's much better than i could have done by myself in 2 hours :)

Economic irrationalities

There are some things that people do that simply don't make economic sense. As an ex-economics student and an employee of an investment bank, these things jump out at me...yet i wonder, could it be that hard for someone else to understand?

For example, just 5 minutes ago, about 5 people at borivli station declined my offer to liquid a partly illiquid asset for absolutely free!!!

Finally i had to buy my own coupon booklet....but i did manage to convert a good part of it back to cash by offering it to people standing at the end of the (long) ticket line.

Lesson to be learned: good ecnomics benefits everyone.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Baffled by technology (part 2)

There must be something wrong with the restrooms in inorbit or the guys who use, i had to teach a boy that the correct way to activate the automatic flush is to step away from the urinal, as opposed to banging on the sensor and outlet with his fists till they give up and let flow :D

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

death wish in sheep's clothing

long ago, i remember having a discussion with a friend about how nice it would be if we could read people's minds: she claimed it was nice and i claimed it was the worst thing that could possibly happen to a person or humanity or both.

the past couple of days almost made me change my point of view. oh, how i wish i could get into a certain someone's head...all i want is just the answers to a couple of questions!!!

it's surprising how easy it is to throw away everything rational for a childish desire thinly disguised as unrequited love.

i wonder if that's why i'm not going to get what i want.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I just "woke" up from the strangest dream. I wasn't entirely asleep to begin with, just drifting somewhere in between, conscious of the world around me, and yet doing strange things that i can't explain, like stuffing ping-pong balls in my mouth while chewing gum, playing with two little kids who somehow happened to be around (their mom was busy doing something that i didn't bother seeing), and i was flying (and flying around with) gas-filled balloons inside my home. Each time a balloon would hit the fan it would burst and i would stop rising for a bit, but then continue upwards...till the final balloon burst and i expected to land with a thud, but instead i just started floating around. I floated around my building. Met some long lost school friends, watched two unfamiliar looking girls playing squash (but with a shuttle cock) in what now started looking like an unfamiliar building, played with the cats there, tried getting rid of the gum...which was stuck to a shuttle cock that was in my mouth too. when it refused, i was suddenly back in bed...but strangely enough, i'm still feeling weightless.

I think i shall stop typing and go back to my dream now :)

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