Wednesday, July 30, 2008

vodafone advertises their ripoff

what's a really sneaky way to make money? advertise a service, and then make it more expensive!

a few days ago, when vodafone texted me to inform that my free calls and night-time discounts don't apply to conference calls, i was pissed.

when i spotted their advertisements for their conferencing service on tv today, i realised how evil their plan was.

conferencing has been around since i've had a vodafone connection (4 years now) and more. it's always been free. and no one ever advertised it.

oh and the advertisements aren't some cheap inserts in my newspaper. no, they really had to do it big. one minute prime time advertisements. played over and over again.

why don't they just stop advertising and give me cheaper call rates? i'd love to promote vodafone for free (and i've been doing it all along too, except that i might not any more)

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