Friday, October 29, 2010


found in my inbox. too epic to not do anything before trashing it. so here it is:
From: shobith mascarenhas <>
To: kristopher@*******.com
Subject: hi

Hi Ranjeeth, trust u guys hv settled in by now. All r well here. Had been to the bank yesterday. I have yr password and login name.
Login name: MERLYN , signon password: V%965666 , transaction password: M%557085. Before your a/c is activated, you will have to send a confirmation email to : If you have any problems logging in, do let me know. I have the login instructions here, will scan and send it to you.
Regarding yr driving licence, I havent recieved the scanned copy. When you get the time you can resend it. Will be going to Delhi in a day or two regarding a proposal. To begin with, I was in Chennai when this proposal came up. The girl and her family are from Mangalore, but presently based in Delhi. They had come to Mangalore for a wedding. Mama, A. Loretta and Mrinal have met her and were quite positive in their feedback. Her name is Richa Pinto and works as a school teacher. ( B.Ed).
She is open to settling down in Mangalore. Ive spoken to her a couple of times. Nothing confirmed yet, will know in a week from now. Will keep you posted.
Convey our love and regards to Merlyn n Myra.

(Master Mariner!!!!!!! :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

recent dreams

just noticed that i have a draft sitting in my gmail since september 5th.

and it contains an almost-forgotten dream.

and since i hate saving drafts that i'm never gonna send, i'm now gonna delete it.

i dreamed that me and around 200 people were the only surviving humans and we were stranded on 3 islands off the pacific coast of south america that were too tiny for farming and too few animals for us to survive more than a week.

we had modern technology but no electricity.

i also seduced a hot, intelligent, Caucasian chick. on an inflatable boat.

i still have no clue why i typed it in my mail and not my blog.

Monday, October 11, 2010

the dictionary

my teammate and me were having a random conversation a few days ago, when he was asking me the meanings of random english phrases and expressions. not sure where exactly he was getting his questions from (he was reading them off his phone), but he was astonished when i answered every single challenge (until he gave me some latin word, the botanical name of some plant, which i obviously didn't know).

he was surprised that i knew all these words and phrases, and was wondering how i learned them. i told him that i came across all of them while reading. which was true. he agreed that these meanings could be guessed from the context while reading, but was surprised that i could remember each and every one of them.

which is when i realized:

i have an eidetic memory for words.

in fact, while i'm terrible at pronunciation, i'm pretty good at spelling too. if there's a word i can't spell verbally, i'll certainly be able to point out the mistake when i see the word in print. something just won't look right to me.

which reminds me of a recent tweet:

manoeuvre. that's the first word i had to ask my mom the spelling of since I was 13. today. hmmm.

probably an exaggeration, but not by a long stretch.

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