Saturday, September 08, 2012


just woke up from this dream. one of the weirder ones i've had, recently.

it was easter sunday. about 1pm. i was returning on foot from someone's place in the colony, where i had had a drink with daniel. for some reason, mom and the brother were also walking back with us. while walking back home (along holy cross road, for those of you who know where i live), daniel and i decided we wanted to have a lemonade, so i told my folks to go ahead, and i'll catch up with them later. we were supposed to head to my grandmom's place in bandra, and we were late so they were in a hurry.

we had our lemondade, and then for some reason i wanted to smoke. it was drizzling outside so the shopkeeper said we could stand *inside* the shop, behind the counter. daniel stood in a corner, while i lit the cigarette and then stepped out in the rain.

as i stepped out, i saw a couple of girls standing slightly ahead, and one of them looked like someone i knew. i started walking towards them, but they flagged a rickshaw and went away. i then turned off holy cross road towards my place (via the back road). my walk turned into a jog, then a run.

i don't remember how, but while running, i started taking my clothes off, one by one. last thing to come off was my shirt (incidentally, the same shirt that i wore yesterday).

i crumpled the shirt into a ball in my hand, and kept running.

i realized i was naked only when passed a guy who gave me a really weird stare as i ran by.

i hurriedly unrolled my shirt and tried to wrap it around myself best i could. for some reason, it would only go around half of me. i ran to my building, through the compound, and entered the stairway. as i was running up the stairs, one flight away from my place, i came across one of my neighbours and two women, quite fancily dressed (probably heading to an easter lunch), were walking down the stairs. i waited for them to pass me on the fight itself, cos if i reached the landing i won't be able to cover all sides of myself. they, however, waited on the landing. and they somehow didn't react to my state of undress. i told them not to wait, and as they started walking down the flight, i ran up past them. but when i reached the top of the flight, i realized i had mysteriously reached the 5th floor. and my building has 4 floors in real life.

that's when i woke up.

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