Wednesday, March 21, 2007

send mails from excel

just did this today, seems like something useful: it allows you to send emails from excel 2003, provided your default MAPI client is configured on your windows system.

this example sends an email with the text "hello".

here's how i did it:

1. configure outlook or outlook express for sending emails

2. in an excel file:
view -> toolbars -> control toolbox
more controls -> microsoft mapi session -> (insert into sheet1)
more controls -> microsoft mapi message -> (insert into sheet1)
tools -> macros -> visual basic editor
insert -> module

3. enter into the module:
Public Sub sendEmail()
Dim emailAddr As String
emailAddr = ActiveCell.Text
With Sheet1.MAPIMessages1
.SessionID = Sheet1.MAPISession1.SessionID
MsgBox .SessionID
.RecipAddress = emailAddr
.MsgNoteText = "Hello"
.RecipType = 1
.Send 0
End With
End Sub

4. close the visual basic editor, go back to excel
5. enter an email address anywhere in the excel file, and select that cell
6. tools -> macros -> macros -> sendEmail -> run
7. click away any security warnings :)

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