Friday, December 21, 2007

private memories

my online life documents my real-world life quite closely, and for the past few months, a big part of it has been covered by my blog. of late, though, i've been deleting a significant (but not exactly large) number of posts, on the sole grounds that they contained stuff that is too personal to out online.

i hate deleting stuff (yeah, gmail was definitely designed for me), and so that got me thinking. as of an hour ago, i think i've arrived at a solution:

i need to keep a personal diary.

anyway, i'm still trying to decide whether to keep it online (i.e. a password protected blog), or maintain it like a more traditional book.

hopefully, it won't be too long before i write my first diary entry in 3 years.

ps: post on personal blogs vs diaries coming up. it's been typed and saved on my cell for months now, and i'm simply too lazy to transfer and proofread it. maybe in a few days.


My Foot? said...

do you still know how to use pen and paper?
I think you should write all those 'personal' stories and articles with the names changed and publish them..

krist0ph3r said...

yeah, i know, and i thought of both. wonder which one will win. on one hand, i need to ensure i don't forget how to write, on the other hand i have to make sure i carry my diary around so that i can write something when i think of it (unlike an anonymous blog, which i can post to from my cell)

Pallav said...

a paper diary is a must. Online just doesn't cut it sometime :)


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