Sunday, December 23, 2007

search queries that return my blog

one of the great things about using feedburner (and now, google analytics) is that i can see where my traffic comes from. most of it is from predictable places (my orkut profile, my notes on facebook etc), but a decent amount come from google searches (surprisingly, i've not seen any references from searches on any other engines). some of my pages are (or have been) even the first result for some searches.

in a not so-very-rare-fit-of-narcissism, i've made a small list:

kris orkut (top two pages...woo hoo!!!)

embarrass yourself on stage (yeah, very surprising!!! my post isn't even about it!)

special olympics siteswap

olympics synchronous siteswap

kris ban orkut

cellphone virus aaj tak

hamrrage (yeah, it's a typo :P)

other notable also-rans:

cellphone virus do not answer (used to be on top till f-secure beat it! still second, so not too bad anyway :))

thackeray sena ban orkut
(1st page result)

sena ban orkut (again, 1st page result, but slightly lower)

oh and btw you can also misspell kristopher noronha in google and have it offer to correct you...w00t!!! :)


Pallav said...

that is some narcissism! i get 6th number on first page with the keyword Nothingman :P



Anonymous said...

No kidding! I have a post on exactly the same topic lying in my drafts for quite sometime now :)

My Foot? said...

woo hoo! finally, it made it to your blog... hadn't you told me about this outside church the other day?

krist0ph3r said...

yeah...i sometimes save stuff in my drafts and forget about them for ages...after a couple of months i usually delete them if not posted...this one survived :P

krist0ph3r said...

new one: sphincter extraction

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