Sunday, December 30, 2007

the year that was...2007!

this year is in it's last 24 hours. i guess it's time to look back and do a little introspection.

things that happened to me in 2007, in no particular order:

i got my first job.

i lived away from home for the first time, and for 6 months at that.

i made my best friend so far.

i witnessed how truly uplifting friendship can be.

i became financially independent.

i postgraduated.

i learned to cope with the break-up of my most serious relationship till date.

i started reading blogs.

i started blogging.

i lost my health, in ways that it can somehow never be regained.

i started supporting my family financially.

i invested.

i paid tax.

i budgeted.

i tracked my expenses.

i learned that i'm stronger-hearted than i think i am.

i learned that i'm weaker-willed than i hoped i'll be.

i learned to not give up completely, even when everything's bleak.

i learned to trust people with my innermost secrets.

i rediscovered the child in me.

i rediscovered god.

i cried with sorrow.

i cried with joy.

i cried with empathy.

i realised that there's no perfect life.

i realised the depth of emotion that everyone around me has.

i realised how carefully designed and delicately balanced my body is.

i realised how easy it was to upset that balance.

i learned to trust in god no matter what.


Meghna Bhujwala said...

u r a year older and a year wiser and a year closer to whr ur moving towards!! :)

Pallav said...

thats too many thins to do in one year man...hope the next year is more rocking and cooler :)

Happy 2008!



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