Sunday, December 02, 2007

my vacation in tweets

i've been twittering a lot from my cell the past few days, mainly because gprs has been my only contact with the outside world while i was on vacation (excluding the occasional phone call :D)

an insight into my week long vacation. my posts' inspirations mixed with lot of random other things. every tweet other than the first and last one typed on my cell :)

11:37 AM November 24about to leave for mangalore...finally!!! also just discovered that my mom didn't know i had been drinking last night till i told her :P
01:02 PM November 24There's never a dull moment when travelling with family. Like, my granddad called fat people MBBS:members of big bottom society :D
02:40 PM November 24Train started moving half an hour for a 1186 km long journey...and 19 hours of continuous movement
05:38 PM November 24Had a good afternoon nap in the train...will now get back to reading asimov...the weather's getting cooler too...awesome!
10:15 PM November 24Had a lazy evening in the train...stood at the door and enjoyed the breeze, going to sleep early because everyone wants the lights out.
10:18 PM November 24Network sucks big time and my cellphone's battery is about to die...looks like no more twitter till i reach mangalore :(
11:36 AM November 25Train reached mangalore an hour ago...and i'm now at aunt olga's quiet, neat and homely's nice!
01:06 PM November 25Reading on my cell, noticed that a lot of my subscriptions are to video/photo blogs...guess i'll have a huge backlog this week.
01:51 PM November 25Had an awesome lunch...chicken biryani and fish curry and fried fish...whoopee!!! Now the only thing left is my siesta :)
02:48 PM November 25My first *full length* blog post that went straight from my cell to my blog. Blogger's doing it's job, and well!
03:48 PM November 25Gotta get ready in time for mass - apparently the church's quite a distance from my aunt's place.
05:29 PM November 25At the chapel, almost half an hour early for a's such an idyllic place...oh and mass is open air, with a small chapel nearby :)
07:23 PM November 25Exploring the area around the chapel while my parents and aunt chitchat :D
08:24 PM November 25The buses in mangalore are amazing...some have disco lights, some have disco music, some, like the one i got, have both!
09:10 PM November 25Going out for dinner...seafood is supposed to be mangalore's speciality...lets hope the food is as good as the menu :P
10:22 PM November 25Whoa...that was one awesome dinner...fried king prawn and pomfret curry...seafood heaven!
11:34 PM November 25Had a lovely about to tuck myself into bed...or maybe listen to some music or play worms world party on my cell first :)
01:50 AM November 26Fell asleep listening to "hey there delilah" and missing daf...woke up in time to watch my cell switch itself off :P
07:28 AM November 26Woke up at 7:30am without an alarm, which is super early by my standards - this holiday is doing me a lot of good!
08:13 AM November 26Apparently the new orkut doesn't display scraps in anyone's scrapbook when viewed on my crappy!!!
10:33 AM November 262 hour breakfast...1 hour shower and that feels like a holiday!
11:43 AM November 26On my way to the beach...and hopefully a fun bus ride before i get there too :)
12:59 PM November 26Buses are nice and windows, just metal rods to the ceiling. Strangest of all, there are no tickets...just a dirt cheap flat fare
02:06 PM November 26Beach was lovely, but not safe to bathe in :( had a nice long walk, a couple of shades of tan...and some nice shells :)
02:42 PM November 26Parents didn't want to hang out at the beach too much cos there was too little we're on our way back now :)
03:35 PM November 26Time for a nap...zzz!!!
08:51 PM November 26Went to search for sultan's battery, a medieval watchtower that's located nearby. Unfortunately i didn't find it before sunset :(
10:13 PM November 26Another sumptuous dinner...i must weigh myself when i get back...i'm sure it will be more than i expect :P
11:31 PM November 26Blogged, chatted with my aunt about today and random going to have a nice cold shower and hopefully a good night's sleep :)
09:59 AM November 27Woke (or rather, was woken) at 9, to a treat of fresh dosas and green chutney...a typical south indian breakfast :)
11:10 AM November 27On my way to st. aloysius college...supposed to have a centuries-old chapel with amazing murals :)
12:12 PM November 27The chapel was awesome-every inch of its insides were covered with breathtaking stop, mangalore's museum :)
01:10 PM November 27Got lost on the way from the chapel to the museum...the bus passed my aunt's place, so i got off there instead :P
04:06 PM November 27Feeling sleepy post-lunch...but we've got better things to do! Let's see how i drag my mom and bro to go river rafting :)
06:26 PM November 27Went canoeing, but couldn't convince mom to powerboat :( Also caught sultan's battery *before* sunset this time :D
10:38 PM November 27Treated my folks to dinner...first subway, then pizza hut...they enjoyed the subway, but i enjoyed the pizza more :P
09:56 AM November 28Woke up late...but got ready in record time...or rather, i tried...but 30 minutes is pretty good by my standards :)
11:35 AM November 28My folks and i visited my mom's 87 year old godmother and her was so nice, and they're so sweet and cultured...charming, really!
12:38 PM November 28Now visiting my grandmom's cousin, it's amazing to hear tales of my grandparents in their sweet!
01:41 PM November 28Back at my aunt's home, hot & tired. Blogging about my day...let's see how far i get before lunch or sleep get the better of me :)
07:09 PM November 28Lunch and sleep *did* get the better of me...but i woke up and hit send on what's been my longest mobile post so far :D
07:53 PM November 28scrolled through my posts, today's was 24 pages on my phone screen, while the longest of my past 20 posts is just 14...whoa!
10:16 PM November 28Awesome dinner cooked by my aunt and her cook...and we had fr ronnie noronha for company too...3 noronha families at one table :)
12:17 AM November 29Had an hour long walk-cum-chat with my bro...exchanged thoughts and philosophy, got lost and found our way...nice!
02:27 AM November 29Having nice long bedtime chat with bro about humour, sarcasm and arbit stuff...this is why i love my family!!!
02:27 AM November 29Having nice long bedtime chat with bro about humour, sarcasm and arbit stuff...this is why i love my family!!!
02:58 AM November 29Midnight snack time! Bro and i managed to steal quite a bounty from aunt's fridge...wonder what she'll think when she wakes up :P
10:19 AM November 29Was woken up at 9, because everyone else was almost ready to leave. Managed to delay them for an hour before i was ready :P
11:55 AM November 29The museum was just about ok...bit of a disappointment, really...could have been better maintained :(
01:07 PM November 29On the beach...almost! Folks were feeling hungry so we stopped at a roadside cafe to have our picnic lunch first :)
04:19 PM November 29Had a relaxed day at the beach...unfortunately the sea wasn't safe here either, so spent the day basking in the sun :)
05:08 PM November 29Done exploring, now in the bus on our way home :)
11:24 PM November 29About to tuck into bed...i had something to blog about but can't remember it now :(
01:30 AM November 30Wrote and submitted super long blog post that hit the limit of my phone's text editor - 28 cellphone screens...wheee!!!
09:37 AM November 30Woke up at 9 as usual, but this time because my aunt whose place we're staying at was leaving for work. Ciao, aunt Olga!
12:25 PM November 30About to leave aunt olga's place for the railway station...the end of a lovely 6 day vacation :)
02:53 PM November 30The train's started moving...i've almost finished "robot visions" by asimov. Goodbye, mangalore!
05:51 PM November 30Sat at the door with my bro and chatted about art and this year's christmas crib...will now switch to the more comfy seats :)
08:20 PM November 30Out of one state...and into another! If the train's on time, there's 13 hours to go before i'm home :)
09:21 PM November 30Sandwiches and fruit for dinner...feels like a picnic, except that i'm about to go to sleep in the train :D
10:01 AM December 01back home at last...feels so nice to be at my comp after ages...and yeah, the spiders enjoyed a week long vacation inside my pc too!!!

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