Monday, December 03, 2007

oh my god...she's...what!!!!


i don't know where's the fine line between spoiling the plot and whetting the audience's appetite as far as hindi movies are concerned. my hindi translation skills also suck.

i went for a hindi movie with marj yesterday (i.e. a few hours ago). dhan dhana dhan goal.

we were a couple of hours early for the show, and the hall was surprisingly empty, so we landed ourselves stall tickets to the second-from-last row. when the movie started, there was exactly one group sitting between us and the screen: this one family of three.

one middle aged looking dad, one probably middle aged but hottie mom (she had nice hair decent figure :P), and one pink-clothed, hyperactive, giggling, 5-odd year old bundle of energy who passed off as a girl.

we got in just as the trailers ended. stood for the national anthem. movie started.

movie started off good. set in london. nice theme (by my standards, a gang of asian small timers who are suddenly forced to make it big on the football club scene to earn the prize money to save the precious but dilapidated club that's the only place they can play on, is pretty good a theme for a hindi movie). plus there's john abraham (for my friend to drool over) and bipasha basu (for me to ogle at) ;).

oh, i haven't got around to potentially spoiling the plot yet. so here goes:

scene (using characters' screen names, except that i'm "kris" and my friend is "marj" and...uhhh...forget it):

shaan: (in bed. under covers.)
shaan: (puts arm around wife jenny in sleep. ends up catching thin air.)
shaan: (half wakes up and searches for jenny in bed.)
shaan: (wakes up and sits in bed.)
marj: "he's wearing red pants!"
kris: "it's ok, he's in bed. i've worn worse."
shaan: (looks around for wife. sees bathroom door open.)
shaan: (walks into bathroom. jenny's sitting there sobbing.)
kris: "she's wearing pink pants. even better!"
marj: "shut up!"
shaan: "what happened!"
pink-clothed, hyperactive, giggling, 5-year old girl sitting in front of me: "i'm pregnant!"
marj and kris: (stunned silence.)
(5 seconds later)
jenny: "i'm pregnant!"

i just loved that movie.


Meghna Bhujwala said...


My Foot? said...

damn! ban cable :p
would love to see the expression on ur face at that moment..

krist0ph3r said...

yeah...we were LOLing so madly, we just couldn't control ourselves!!!

btw this incident was just one of many during that movie - i was half asleep when i got home at 2am and didn't have the energy to type any more...that kid, i'm telling you! i want to always sit behind her!!!

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