Tuesday, October 16, 2007

you are my sunshine

my mom loves to break into song every now and then, and last night was no exception. she was bustling about the kitchen, doing something or the other that moms are always doing (probably making dinner :D), when she broke into a song that transported me back to another era, some 20 years ago, when mum or dad would lie by my side and sing for me and hold me tight when i couldn't sleep. i know they would still do it for me if they had to. and the same goes for them too:
you are my sunshine,
my only sunshine
you make me happy,
when skies are grey
you never know dear,
how much i love you
so please don't take
my sunshine away.

i'm so glad to have another sunny day.

ps: ted, bert, aunty bitty, i can't help thinking about you right now. i guess your sunshine is in heaven :)

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