Sunday, October 21, 2007

buffer overflow and other blogging stories

i've now reached a stage where i've stopped typing posts as i think of them. till i clear my 'buffers', i'm gonna concentrate on posting stuff that's already been typed and sitting on my cell. call it a buffer overflow if you like, but the backlog's just gotten too much for me to handle. i just hope nothing interesting happens for the next 10 days of my life or so :P

anyway, i've actually reached post number 100 in 220 days. i wasn't really sure i would make it this far...but i guess i underestimated the power of boredom at work, randomness in my life, and the feebleness of my 'lazy' filter :D

i just discovered 10 minutes ago that someone loves my blog so much that he/she has submitted my blog to some random blog index on my behalf yesterday. how cool!

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