Tuesday, October 09, 2007

new ways to get to work

i usually need to reach my workplace at 9:30am. as a result, i end up taking a rickshaw at around 9am, and pass the same places at almost the same time. now that wouldn't really be that big a deal, since most of the things i see on my way to work are either things that stay put (buildings, trees etc) or moving things that are unremarkable and probably don't make the same trip at the same precision as i do. there are just a few noticeable exceptions, namely a company bus and school bus that i usually see or pass on my way, and...a dredger!!!

that's right, someone drives a dredger everyday from don bosco, borivli (atleast that's where its route meets mine) all the way to croma, malad (where i take a short cut off the main road to dodge the last couple of signals on the way to work) - and at pretty much the exact same time every day!

there could be many reasons why someone would drive a dredger every day on the exact same road at the exact same time, but the most obvious one to me is the same as why i take a ric at the same time and on the same route every day: to get to work. so i now know of someone who literally dredges his way to work :D

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Meghna Bhujwala said...

Nice post! Good observation!

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