Sunday, October 21, 2007

Last man standing

after quite a while i went out with my buddies to gorai. Among other things, it was a celebration of my friend coming back to india after almost a year. As usual, we started late - even later than our usual late. We were so late that we actually had to wake the night watchman to book our room and get the keys. That too, at 1am - the previous record was midnight. A good 5 hours later, all 4 of my friends had passed out (one out of drunkenness, the rest out of exhaustion), and i was the only one left awake. Unfortunately for me, we were staying at a place pretty far from the beach, so i have nothing left to do other than gaze at the sky turning from indigo to pale blue and listen to the birds wake up. That done, i guess i have nothing left to occupy myself with for the next 3 hours. Good morning, everyone :)

ps: this post was typed on my cellphone around 3 weeks ago, at 6:05AM on 30th September 2007

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