Monday, October 29, 2007

dancing in the light

i'm not much of a dancer. in fact, till some years ago, you would have to drag me with all you've got (*and* be stronger than me :D), if you wanted to get me to the floor, let alone dance. then i discovered trance, and it became very hard to not move when listening to some of my fav tracks (especially at the volume i play them at home :P)

dancing in public was just a small step away from dancing in private, especially if i was sufficiently high...and it's really energizing, besides having the cool side effect of letting me drink more before i'm down and out ;)

still, however much i enjoy grooving to the music, i used to never dance in public under bright lighting. i guess that's because my moves are rather retarded (ask any eyewitnesses for more info :P), and it's just something i wasn't comfortable doing.

that's when last saturday happened. my office's it department's annual offsite. aamby valley.

i was pretty surprised when at 2pm it was announced that the dj will start spinning his stuff shortly. in broad daylight. on an open air dance floor, which was actually a tree-surrounded lawn.

'nuff said. hopefully other people were to busy grooving to notice. and if they weren't, i hope they don't ever mention it :P

oh and if you think open-air dancing is something you'd rather not have on your "been there, done that" list, you should watch this video: eternity by armin van buuren. simply mindblowing.

as an extra special touch, the sunset looked even more spectacular as it filtered through the trees onto dancing people. both in the video and on saturday.

ps: eternity is also my ringtone for a very special (pun not very strongly intended :P) friend marj - miss you!!!

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