Wednesday, October 10, 2007

toilet humour

for reasons i just can't fathom, i've never looked at the inside of the door to any of the stalls in the restrooms at my workplace. till today, that is. what i found definitely kept me amused for the duration of my stay on the throne today :P. either someone was very bored, or my coworkers haven't been sufficiently toilet trained, or both :D

i quote verbatim:


please ensure that this toilet is flushed after use

leave the surrounding areas clean, and dry always

ensure that you use toilet paper provided

always remember you could be the next user

seats are to sit and not squat on. this is a western style toilet. use it like one.

ensure the above is followed.

on an even lighter note, someone farted with gusto while i was pondering the rules that now governed my only (i thought) place of freedom :D - i guess that's one of the few things still allowed, for now :P

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