Sunday, January 27, 2008

how to embarrass yourself at work (part 3)

going out with your teammates at work is fun. it's a welcome break from canteen food (which is passable at best, and positively inedible at worst). plus it feels like a break from office, so when you get back you're as refreshed (or almost-) as when you stepped in in the morning.

so this one time, when my team decided to go out for lunch, i jumped at the prospect. we went to inorbit mall, which is right behind my office.

lunch was great. we had rajasthani food at rajdhani's, and it was an exquisite experience for the taste buds.

next up: dessert. to be more specific, ice cream at gelato's.

i had my sights on an italian dark chocolate, in the way i like it best - a waffle cone. the best part is that that ice cream shop doesn't weigh ice creams that are served in a waffle cone (unlike the ones in a cup). i got my ice cream. it looked good. it also looked bigger than everyone else's. excellent!

i still eat ice cream the way i used to as a kid. many years ago (few decades ago?) my dad taught me how to eat ice cream. i follow the same technique to this day. according to dad's instructions, ice cream is never to be bitten or sucked, but only licked. and it should be licked in such a way that it gets pushed into the cone, so that for most of the ice cream you're having a combination of ice cream and cone. also, there should be ice cream all the way till the last bite.

apparently the rest of my team didn't have such elaborate instructions.

15 minutes later, everyone else was done, and i was still licking away. i decided to speed up a bit.

that's when i was rudely reminded of the difference between a waffle cone and a regular cone.

the cone started leaking.

so now, everyone had their eyes on me, and i had my eyes on my ice cream. which was trickling out of every orifice of the now-soggy waffle cone.

that's when i realised i have just one paper napkin. and it was already wrapped around the cone. and it had already done it's feeble best at slowing down the trickle of choclatey goo onto me.

what followed was 5 minutes of sheer "shrinking into the chair hoping the world turns blind or someone unexpectedly kills me" disaster.

i only hope no one was secretly filming me.

ps: google "embarrass yourself at work". it might surprise you.


Pallav said...

..and there you go blogging about it and telling the rest of the world :) but anyday better than a video ending up on youtube :D


krist0ph3r said...

the video'll be much blog is pretty tame :P

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