Wednesday, January 23, 2008


i am not a net addict.

i've realised over the past couple of weeks that internet access doesn't mean as much to me now as it used to.

i used to be online on messengers for 8 - 10 hours a day. i now sign in about twice a week, and then forget my pc on and go out of the house.

i used to recieve about 50 mails daily and read them within 10 hours of them being sent. i now have 2 week old mail lying unread in my inbox.

i used to bring my google reader every 2 hours (except when i'm asleep :D), i now have no less than 20 unread items at any point of time, and it regularly hits 50+

i haven't signed into orkut in 3 days, again up from my usual 8 hours. ditto for facebook.

still, the biggest difference for me is not about how little i'm now using the internet, but the fact that i don't miss it at all. in fact, i've got half a mind to just ignore everything other than my email and blog (and maybe twitter) for the rest of the week. going by how i feel right now, i probably won't even notice. and since both my blog and twitter are pretty much unidirectional for me, i don't even think they count as "online".

hmmm..forget the half made up mind, let's just do it.

goodbye, internet!

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krist0ph3r said...

my net connection started working last night, and i spent 3 hours online. oh well. i guess i really was in denial :D

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