Tuesday, January 08, 2008


it's tuesday night. my blog's last post's footer reads tuesday. i guess that means...a whole week without posts!!! i can't even believe this is happening, considering that i was on a post-a-day in november and pretty damn close to that in december.

to be fair, i've been busy. work started picking up, and suddenly "work-life-balance" has started to mean taking 15 a minute break to call someone when my manager's not around.

on top of that, i've got better things to occupy myself with besides work.

that's right. new phone. it's every bit as mind blowing as it looked and sounded. true, noting perfect, but with this one, the possibilities are endless. more on that later.

now for some excuses and the resolutions i used them on:

true to my resolution, i've started maintaining a personal diary. untrue to my resolution, i've only written in it twice.

true to my resolution, i started walking. did it for exactly 2 days.

true to my resolution, i started exercising too. did it for exactly 1 day.

i broke the drinking resolution in the first couple of days of 2008 itself...so that wasn't even a contest.

come to think of it, i haven't kept any of my resolutions.

i guess it's back to regular non-new-year-resolution-style living for the rest of 2008. not that the past week was any different...but it's the thought that counts, no?

i'll be back with new resolutions next year.


Meghna Bhujwala said...

which is y i neva make any new year resolutions!! if i actually wanted to hold on to some resolution of mine i wouldnt wait for new years!!! :p

Pallav said...

resolutions...always make them long term ;)
oh and please do enlighten us more about the phone...pics? if any :)

Cheers...oh and i mailed ya, please check that, got the reply that u r on a vacation :)


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