Sunday, November 30, 2008


i finally have discovered the criteria for knowing when i've found true love.

she's the one i'll love more than goa sausage and steaming hot pav.

she's the one i'll pick over a lifetime supply of sorpotel and fresh sanna.

ladies, here's your cue. i've taken all the uncertainty out of it :)

ps: i'm serious. it was a moment of realization 5 minutes ago. thanks sonu for asking me the right questions :)


Aghosh said...

now, i see that u r alive.... good post. :|

Pallav said...

fooooooood...better if the girl knows how to cook :D


krist0ph3r said...

@aghish: errr i've been trying hard to keep my blog to *under* 1 post a day...did you just step out of a time machine???

@nothingman: yeah, but she also better keep it a secret till i can prove my love for'll be sad for her if a better cook came along, no?

Winnie the poohi said...


Cliche *clucks*

The Preacherman said...

You'd chose a woman over a good curry???

The man's mad as a hatter

krist0ph3r said...

erm nope...i haven't done it's an open dare for any woman to try :D

Anonymous said...

:) wow that was an interesting post...
You would really choose a woman over sorpotel :) How much of blissful life u have just given up ;)

krist0ph3r said...

not given it up at all...i should just be willing to give it up...if she really loves me, she will never make me say no to awesome food...after all, that's the only way to my heart in the first place!!! :P

rahul said...

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