Monday, November 10, 2008

earlier start

i thought i was early when i reached office at 6am last month.

i broke the record by 15 minutes today. this photo was clicked as i logged into my pc (note the blurry wall clock: 5:50 am mumbai time :D)

apparently i wasn't the first guy in the office though (unless there are people who use the parking lot as free parking - can't say anything about that :P)

oh and the security guys were extra polite to me, going out of their way to say "good morning" to me. wonder whether it was just because of the surprise, or because they saw tears in my eyes.

btw, the tears were because of riding at flat 80 all the way from home to work - it's just one straight road except for the first and last 100 metres :)


Gandalf said...

the security guards always say good morning, even if you come at 11 AM.

Jadis said...

'it's just one straight road except for the first and last 100 metres'

LUCKY you!!!!!!!!!!!

krist0ph3r said...

@gandalf: yes, they do. but they don't follow you till you look at them (i was listening to music) and then say good morning. and give an extra broad smile to go with it too :D

@jadis: yeah, it's good at 6am...but at any regular commuting hour, there's so much of traffic and signals (one every 500 metres at some stretches) that you don't really care :(

Spec123 said...

They always say Good Morning as Vamsi pointed out --but they do only to people who work there (ITHO). Maybe, you were wearing a full shirt that day or everyone else was in denims.

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