Saturday, November 22, 2008

happy music

a couple of days ago, i was in a terrible mood. i was just pissed and feeling like fighting/making others want to fight with me. i rode like a madman, cursed people on the road, was super nasty with my friends, to the point when i realised the only way i could prevent any further damage was to simply stop talking to people till this phase blew over.

i also realised that the songs that were playing in my head were megadeth and marilyn manson. and the only songs on my mp3 player were by eminem (i'm listening to my music collection alphabetically - it's taken me 7 months to get to halfway-through-e :D)

at the end of a long, sickening, aggravated day of training at work, i went back to my desk. as i unlocked my computer, a song started playing in my head. walking on clouds by dj tiesto. it wasn't in my phone/player, so i googled it, found it on youtube and listened to the audio over my office headset.

after listening to it 3 times, i had an almost 180 degree change of mood.

i just realised, there are no angry trance numbers - and there are way more happy trance tracks than in any other genre of music.

dj tiesto saved my day - again!!! :)


Winnie the poohi said...

how can music affect u so much ?

I do get influenced... but mostly i am left with a wistful want that i cannot name!

Pallav said...

i've never been a trance person man. Those repeat beats bug the hell out of me.

Megadeth and Manson make happy music too! Some of their songs are really funny :D


krist0ph3r said...


first of all, music doesn't affect you unless you really like it. i love manson, and i love tiesto. i could be force-fed some hip hop shit all day and i wouldn't care.

secondly, you have to listen to music that really has radical moods. if you always listen to slightly mushy songs, and then suddenly listen to very mushy songs, nothing will happen.

thirdly, the songs should be so good that they play in your head even when you're not listening to them. reading this post sets off "the fight song" in my head almost automatically. i'm gonna close this window before too much damage gets done and it plays for the rest of the day in my head :D

@nothingman: give me names: songs/albums. i want.

Jadis said...

oi. does that mean Megadeth is BAD?? :threatening glare: coz then you're so dead man!


krist0ph3r said...

@jadis: believe me, you don't want to be crossing the road when i'm speeding down it listening to megadeth. because you'll be dead. and there won't be skid marks leading up to your mangled body either.

any questions?

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