Wednesday, November 19, 2008


i had 3 dreams last night that i could recall. all 3 of them were noteworthy. two of them involved me, and another one was a story involving a random family whose faces i don't recognize.

when i woke up, i actually decided i'm gonna blog one of them, and i even decided which one - but i've now decided against it as the details are quickly fading away, and have already blurred to the point of being mostly incoherent.

still, there's one quote by my mom (in that dream) that's worth recording:

if someone insults me in your presence, ignore it and let it go. i'd rather laugh at him on the road than cry at your funeral.
- mom, in my dream, 20 minutes ago

bsaically part of that dream involved getting into a fight because someone said something about my mom. the strange thing is that this is not the sort of thing i'd do in real life anyway - but i guess dreams don't have to be that strongly connected to reality :)


Jadis said...

fucking brill man!

Winnie the poohi said...

watched some hindi potboiler before u slept ?

krist0ph3r said...

@jadis: yeah, i was telling someone my other two dreams today - i still remember some bits and pieces, but not enough to blog :D

@winnie: nope - last thing i watched was half an hour of discovery/animal planet, before that was a few minutes of some arbit movie on sony pix.

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