Tuesday, November 25, 2008

singularity of purpose

i've been riding for a few months now, and the experience has taught me, among other things, a lot about myself.

i've come to appreciate the adaptability of the human body/mind to quickly respond to situations it probably wasn't originally designed for.

to select the path of maximum survival in a split second.

to react faster than i imagined possible.

to react faster than i could even think.

to judge the gap between two vehicles when i hurtle past them at double their speed, leaning towards the slower vehicle as soon as it's safe to do so. the difference in my response when a collision is avoidable, and when it's not (thankfully only had a couple of those, and with *zero* injuries to me or my bike). without any conscious thought.

but one thing has struck me the most: the way my non-critical senses/activities come to a halt in a split second situation.

i call that singularity of purpose.

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WeirdISgooD2 said...

eh, singularity of purpose indeed. I worry now with this post, coz the other riders/ drivers/ idiots not got purpose driven life like you. But oh, the wonderful things you come up with ! Its a joy to read your blog krisu fisu.

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