Tuesday, May 19, 2009

the vacation that wasn't

i don't know why many people think my life is perfect. but it doesn't matter. i'm about to tell you a story that proves beyond doubt that it isn't.

i went to goa last week. left on tuesday night, with 3 days leave approved, and planning to get back home on monday morning, ready (hopefully) for work.

i went to goa to meet my best friend, who was flying down to india after almost a year, and accompany her on the sidelines as she accompanied her cousin down the aisle as a bridesmaid.

hmm. so story so far: 3 days leave, lovely goa, best friend, wedding. all the hints of perfection in the making.

or not.

i didn't know her parents were there.

her parents didn't know i was gonna be there.

her parents didn't know i was staying with them.

i didn't know her parents *kinda* hate me.

we found this out when i call them from the bus stand, my bags in hand, a 5 minute walk from her house, while she's unreachable and on a plane a few thousand kilometres away.

what followed were 2 days of high drama, interspersed with mindless hours (a day and a night, to be precise) of staring at repeats on the 3 english channels the tv in my hotel room dutifully supplied.

48 hours after i had hopped onto the bus and headed to goa, i got mindfucked to the point i could take it no more.

checked out of the hotel, took the last bus home, paid double of what i should have, anything just to get away from that fuckin hellhole. even went to work on friday morning straight after the 14 hour ride.

i met my friend for precisely 15 minutes in those two days.


Freya said...

hey, nobody's life is perfect. But it's good that you think yours is. Even after this has happened, never stop thinking the way you were.

krist0ph3r said...

oh no no no no no!!! you got me wrong!!! i'm sick of people going "OMG OMG OMG your life is so awesome i wish i could do half the things you do!!!"

my life is real. my pain is real. my bad days outnumber my good days. just like everyone else.

and i now have a sucky vacation to be proud of!!!

Defcon said...
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Defcon said...

aahh ... so this is y u are plannin a trip to Pune on ur bike !!! ;-)

Spitphyre said...

Awww... * hugs * for my dawling teddy bear...

Pallav said...

ahum...that's sick man. Why didn't you just hang out in Goa, you were there afterall, and you had a holiday. Oh well, dunno, i guess i'd have done something similar if i were in your place.

Going to Goa is on my target list this year :)


Anaggh A. Desai said...

Dude - That's what friends are for. Keep it happening! Owe you a beer when we meet up:)

tisha said...

Kris all in all you had a trip that you will not forget :)

Rehab said...

I once went to a friend's place and realised that her two sisters hate me! And they made no bones about that. Worst of all they made us lil ones cook food for them, while they kept watching tv!
I silently obliged because I knew my friend was being embarrassed deep down inside.
But I guess its ok! Its all part of the learning process!
And I am surprised to know there are ppl in this world who arent a victim of your charm :P I should say that they lead boring lives! :)

krist0ph3r said...

@rehab atleast you met your friend. i was watching TV in goa in a hotel room. for 2 days. and i hate drinking alone, so i drank a sum total of: TWO BEERS!!! i didn't even SEE the sea, damnit!!!

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