Saturday, May 30, 2009

the morning tweets!!!

krist0ph3r: always wondered who's the better gentleman...the one who makes you breakfast in bed at 9am or the one who drinks your juices and FO's @6 :P
krist0ph3r: ...and i'm wondering this while raiding someone's fridge at 6, which means it definitely can't be the former :P
krist0ph3r: - Definitely the stuff "morning afters" are made of!
krist0ph3r: about to take my chances with the traffic cops. any ideas (other than "don't get caught"???) :D
krist0ph3r: reached home without any mishaps...other than a few weird stares from the chaiwalla outside home...guess i still look drunk outta my senses!
krist0ph3r: plugged in my phone's charger and myPod, stripped down to my undies and crashed in my parents' bed before they could stop me. typical kris!!
krist0ph3r: chicane is ossim to listen to while riding, but not when trying to sleep. i need something that isn't mindblowing enough to keep me awake :D
krist0ph3r: a girl's long hair was wrapped around my wrist. i dropped it somewhere on mom's side of the bed. hope she doesn't find it! :D
krist0ph3r: enough of early-morning drunk tweets. i must sleep now. good morning!
krist0ph3r: oh fuck. looks like i recieved a call from home at 1:24am. no wonder parents are fuckin pissed. wonder what i said :D
Harishk: @krist0ph3r LOL!!! would be interesting to hear what they have to say now :)
krist0ph3r: @Harishk they were like "what were you doing last night? why were women screaming on your phone at 1:30 in the morning?" :P
NerdIndian: @krist0ph3r beware - they will find a sidhi sadi ladki and marryt you off now!
krist0ph3r: @NerdIndian no frikkin way man! they want me to be happily married and produce grandkids for them. there's too much at stake to fuck around!

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