Tuesday, May 05, 2009

of prayers and attention deficit disorder

i've never been much of a prayer guy. i'd rather have a freewheeling conversation with god the way I would with any of my human friends. but still, today demanded a little extra effort for the sake of my dear uncle alphonse who's in hospital right now and will be operated first thing tomorrow morning. so I decided to say the rosary.

guess what.

i've forgotten all my prayers.

I couldn't believe it myself. these are prayers i've been saying almost ever since I learned to speak! and here I was, making up the words as I went along, sometimes even getting stuck repeating one line cos I couldn't remember the next.

so finally I was about one decade into the rosary. and then I completely forgot I was praying. for like 5 minutes. while my mind wandered to everything from tomorrow's lunch to the way my bike rode today to even ideas to use for my blog (and that's not this post).

two minutes after resuming my prayers I wandered off again.

I finally finished my rosary (gave up after two decades, btw) and decided to blog this right now, so that i'm free tomorrow to blog about the other ideas. started typing.

wandered off within 5 lines of typing.

realised what was happening and decided to force all distractions away.

an hour later, i'm still trying to finish the post.

I wonder if I need medical attention.


Sneha said...

May your uncle get well soon :)

And yes I agree with the last line :D

Winnie the poohi said...

I shall pray for your uncle and for you ;)

Winnie the poohi said...

hope he is okay now :)

krist0ph3r said...

@sneha i know, i know. i'm just not sure if i should see a doc or a shrink :P

@winnie thanks for the prayers. uncle's stable, but we shall know how successful the operation was after a while :(

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