Saturday, May 16, 2009

baby, baby!!!

i found myself gazing fondly while the screen faded into brightness, and tinkled to remind me that i just got a new message.

i found myself thinking: what a beauty! how sweet she looks! i am so lucky! i wonder what awesome twist of fate brought her into my life!

and i then reminded myself: it's just a phone.

ps: it's true, this just happened. i had to post it somewhere because i'm so freaked out by the thought!


Rishi Talreja said...

You have feelings for your phone!! like I have for my comp ;)

Winnie the poohi said...


You need help!

gaurang said...

dude ... I don't think ur feelings were any diff for ur N-gage !!! or for the one u got after that !!
U n ur mobile devices..... e Kristo ;-))

Nothingman said...

that baby is worth drooling for.


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