Sunday, August 03, 2008


A quickly made plan to trek (or rather, hike) up lohagad fort, apparently one of the easiest treks in the region, turned into something else altogether when we decided to take a detour and trek up the neighbouring vizapur fort instead. Apparently the only way up/down was through a wildly gushing stream, despite assurances from the people around that a path existed too.


I forgot my windcheater at home

I ripped my trackpants on the way up and had to wear shorts for the way down...and that included making my way through thorny bushes

I slipped and pulled a muscle in my right leg and had to limp all the way down

We spent so much of time looking for the path (the fort wall runs atleast 5km) that we had to trek back through the sunset and partly in twilight...with no torches and dying cellphones.

Still, the experience and the views made up for it - the things we experienced we just too awesome to be any way captured by a camera (although we did try :D)

Once my leg's fine, i wanna go trekking again :)


Unknown said...

ohmygod u went trekking!!! waaa i wannnnnaaa goooo trekkingggg!!! :((

Unknown said...

good stuff man... get some more pics out!

krist0ph3r said...

photos are finally here:

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