Monday, August 04, 2008

lolspeak: i can have mobyel fon?

i'm a fan and regular subscriber of lolcats: i can has cheeseburger, and i find their brand of english (sorry, lolspeak) quite amusing.

today, i ended up reading lolspeak in a rather surprising location: a sony ericsson g900 phone review.

i quote:

heyyoukiwi says:

Found 1 big problem wif d new software update. tried a couple of stereo blue2 in d market, all of them can onli listen to music but cannot support d handsfree profile, onli se original 1 can. damm disappointed man, coz tot of getting motorola s605 to go along wif my se g900, still cant figure out y is tat happening man. anyone encoutered?

strangely enough, the review and first few comments were in pretty decent english, but once the lolspeak started, there was no turning back (with the notable exception of the author's comments :P). wonder if that's a social phenomenon at work here.

ps: the se g900 is a kickass phone. i'd buy one myself the moment i find someone ready to trade my road-warrioresque xda zinc for anything more than peanuts :D

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