Thursday, August 14, 2008


every birthday is different. two years ago, it was my first ever surprise party, organised by the first girl i truly loved. last year, i was in a hospital and staring at what seemed like the end of all my dreams, when i finally found my reason to live.

i wonder what's in store for me today.


Anonymous said...

well. happy birthday then captain.

hope you grow hair this year :)


Gandalf said...

happy birthday dude!

D said...

happy birthday!

Unknown said...

:) is it! Just thought il read your blog today because I was sooo very borred at work and look what I read :):)
And thanks to Myron and Kevi too, your surprise party was a HIT!!

krist0ph3r said...

thanks again...i sometimes miss those times...but the old has to keep moving on to make way for the new...i will cherish those memories forever :)

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