Sunday, August 31, 2008

obscured by feeds

apparently, i'm the only person on google reader who subscribes to these feeds:

Short Tales of Adventure on the High Seas
Life's Musings
The Silly Lil' Irish Girl - Kris
Apoorv Khurasia's View Point
Makes no difference!
Its a Mind Game...
Insomnia in the middle of nowhere
Vimal can't hack WHAT?
Life: As I see it, while I live it
Espresso Economics
Navigating The Universe
Free World At Linux
Old Insomnia Cure in a New Blog!
The Web Is A Chakravyu!
Nickolai Kinny's Facebook Notes

some of them are actually pretty good. want to expand your horizons? try subscribing!!!

ps: some of them are rarely updated.

pps: post title inspired by ess dee's blog, obscured by words. this one's worth a look too!!!

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The Shmoo said...

You read way too much.. I haven't gotten through a single text book this year :(