Friday, March 28, 2008

what's my love type?

i had taken imagini's viaualDNA test ages ago. that probably landed me on their mailing list.

today, after about a year, they sent me a mail inviting me to take their new quiz. about what i think/feel/want from love and romantic relationships.

the results were interesting. apparently, i'm a love magnet. and strange as the label may sound, a little introspection reveals that they were actually pretty close, if not bang on.

ah well. let's just say the timing isn't perfect. being reminded how much you miss being in love right when you're trying to get out of the whole love -> romance -> heartbreak loop definitely seems like one of life's nastier stunts...unless i'm reading my life upside down :P

oh and the test isn't open to all yet, but you can sneak in anyway

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