Tuesday, March 11, 2008

virtual public networking

today, i was witness to one of the strangest technologically-induced

in a moment of boredom (while sipping my beer on baga beach), i
started reading my google reader (which, incidentally, i haven't
touched for the past 2-3 weeks). reader on my pc shows up items
oldest-first, but the mobile version can't be set to do that (for now,
atleast). and so, i happened to read my friend's post about his "day 2
in goa".

i called him. he's still in goa. we're meeting up tomorrow.

interesting...isn't it? people who haven't been in touch for months
bump into each other while vacationing in another state, all just
because one of them moBlogged it and the other moRead it.

wonder if any of the popular social networks can be tweaked to geotag
profiles and find people using that. it'd have killed this one
surprise, but the possibilities are *very* interesting :)

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