Monday, March 17, 2008

waking up at home

it's been over a week (10 days, to be precise) since i've actually woken up in my own bed at home.

the best part of change is appreciating the difference:
  • my bed is harder at home (i like it that way :))

  • the birds chirp louder around home

  • there is less breeze around home

  • the little traffic that i hear is of rickshaws (as opposed to bikes/scooters in goa)

  • i feel like tiptoeing out and doing something by myself (as opposed to lazing in bed till i fall asleep again in goa :P)

  • if i feel like walking, i have to do it on my terrace rather than on the beach :(

  • there is a fridge to raid (and it doesn't contain alcohol ;))

oh well...i guess that pretty much covers it. i shall now attempt to be early to work.

sunrise at baga beach

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