Wednesday, March 19, 2008

my idea of a perfect weekend

after ages, a long weekend is finally here. most people welcome such weekends unconditionally. i, however, do not. and that's because it's very easy for me to not enjoy a holiday.

strangely enough, the only way i can enjoy a holiday is if i have so many things that i want to do, that i need to decline a few of them. the more things i have to decline, the better. if there's only one thing to do, i'll probably sleep instead and wake up with a splitting headache.

i used to wonder why i should be subject to such a weird pattern. i think i have it figured now:

apparently, it doesn't matter what i'm doing...i've got the ability to enjoy anything i may do, as long as my mind is bent on enjoying it. plus, i always have something to do in my free time. if i wasn't picky, i'd end up picking at the bottom of that pile, rather than the top. making sure i have a choice ensures that i always pick things of the top of my pile. and sleep is always welcome, even if it gives me a headache when i oversleep, because it seems to help me get through the next week in much better shape.

so yeah, i'm back to planning my weekend. i've already said no to atleast 2 people regarding thursday's schedule. looks like i'm gonna enjoy this one. and hopefully, without much sleep too :P

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