Friday, February 29, 2008

(un)pleasant spasms (or why p. g. wodehouse is best read in private)

i've been reading a bit of wodehouse recently (after a 10 year break), and it's not been good. for my image, that is.

this guy has the knack of cracking me up when it's least appropriate. like when i'm hitching a ride home in my manager's car. or the rickshaw driver asks me for directions to my office. and i happen to be reading gems like this one:
"it's amazing," she said, drinking me in once more. "to look at you, one would think you were just an ordinary sort of amiable idiot - certifiable, perhaps, but quite harmless. Yet, in reality, you are a worse scourge than the black death. I tell you, Bertie, when i contemplate you i seem to come up against all the underlying sorrow and horror of life with such a thud that i feel as if i had walked into a lamp post."

knowing my weakness at resisting irresistible things (of which wodehouse books definitely are one of), i'll probably read on anyway.

right ho!

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