Thursday, February 21, 2008

attachment and detachment

for the past few days, i've been depressed, too lazy to make a change, and too unmotivated and dispassionate to try. i was thinking of making a list of things i should be doing but am not, but i've decided against it. the list might just motivate me to make those changes, and i'm not willing to risk that.

no, i'd rather be here for a while.

last night, i realised there are two kinds of happiness. the sort that comes from attachment and the sort that comes from detachment. attachment and detachment both concern's very stupid to assume any sort of happiness can arise out of attachment to material things.

i also realised that the happiness from attachment is so much stronger than that from detachment, but that happiness is also short-lived in most cases.

the quote "if you love something, set it free" probably refers to the same thought.

that leads to my next observation - i've been pursuing a life of attachment. i'm addicted to that high. i guess it's time i went back to my former life of detachment. but it won't be easy.

a few days of depression might just help.


tweety said...

What happened suddenly?? I think u had a great time in hyd! Maybe u enjoyed too much and thats y u r feeling low now :)

Kris said...

well...maybe it's not about hyd...i'm not sure...maybe it's just too much attachment :)

Nothingman said...

dude, chill, don't philosophize... i mean how can you be depressed with a goatee like that!

if i had a goatee like that i'd be invading countries!!


Meghna said...

You cant live a life of only attachment or detachment, life's bout balancing the two. jus get clear bout who deserves what and when!! Maybe you should make that list, sooner or later you'll havta face it.

You know wat i jus realized, i spelt detachment wrong in these 22yrs of my life..nahiiii!!!! :p

C'mon cheer up :)

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