Friday, February 08, 2008

blogger's block

bucking all recent trends, i haven't blogged for almost a week.
excuses include:
  • i'm too busy

  • i'm too bored

  • nothing's happening in my life

  • interesting things are happening in my life, but they're to private to blog about
in related news, i haven't touched my google reader for 10 days, and my diary for 3 weeks, but i'm keeping up my exercise resolutions with a vengeance. ah well. win some, lose some. i think i got a fair bargain :D


Unknown said...

yeah man.. keep up the exercise.. it'll do u good ;)

what happened to beach plans?

Spec123 said...

exercise yeah? What sort?

krist0ph3r said...

@ess dee: taru's parents couldn't tell the difference between manori and shivaji park (on the india map, everything is on the same dot, no?) so she decided to cancel...and so did everyone else :(

@the raptor: you know...the normal sort...strutting my stuff (which i have a LOT of ;) while pretending to run and lift things :D

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