Friday, February 22, 2008

blogger's block part 2

looks like the tables have turned.

i blog daily, i've started writing my diary again, but haven't seen the gym since the last time i mentioned it in my blog (two weeks, to be precise). and i haven't touched my google reader in all of february now.

if it's win some and lose some, i guess this is the losing part.


Meghna said...

I mite sound like a computer illiterate but ur links to ur previous posts amuse me!! I always click on them for fun[:-O]dunno if its ur precision dat amuses me or whether m jus a computer illiterate!

Kris said...

uh...precision??? i don't think so.

i click back to the post and use copy/paste from the address bar...don't think you're that computer illiterate to not know how to use copy/paste :P

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