Saturday, November 03, 2007

my fastest TTL

i was supposed to be outside my office at 7:30am today. Unfortunately, thanks to my falling asleep before setting an alarm, and fortunately, thanks to my bro who woke up at 7.15, saw me fast asleep and realised something wasn't quite right, i woke up at 7.15.

Thus began a mad rush to get out of the door as quickly as possible, hopefully also not skipping too many of my daily activities in the process.

t0: get out of bed.
t4: finish brushing teeth.
t6: take medication.
t11: finish breakfast.
t13: finish dressing.
t14: found and worn socks.
t15: worn shoes and bag.
t16: taken all accessories, pack charger and phone.
t16.1: leave

thankfully,the bus to aamby valley left at 8, and not 7:30 as i was previously told, so i was actually early...and set a new personal record in the process too :)

btw TTL = time to leave :D

ps: this post was typed on 27th october 2007, in the bus on my way to aamby valley.

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