Saturday, November 03, 2007

drifting away

of late, i've noticed that my blog has been increasingly drifting off into humour for humour's sake. while some parts of my life are genuinely funny, and i do pride myself at seeing the funny side of otherwise somber situations, i somehow feel the current mood of my blog doesn't really fit the tone of who i am, or even who i want to be.

starting today, i'm gonna make a conscious decision to not say something just for the sake of adding spice/humour here, unless it actually happened to me.

oh and i think the same should apply to over-verbose posts. i guess my lazy filter has itself gotten lazy over the past few months. not anymore. i don't enjoy reading screen-fulls and screen-fulls of monospaced text, and i assume no non-terminally-bored human does either.

so there it is - a leaner, meaner blog. starting now. hope you like it.

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