Sunday, September 30, 2007

purple laze

laze somehow always reminds me of haze, and hence of jimi hendrix's purple haze :D

anyway...back to topic: people have been noticing that i don't post as often as i used to.

now this is the result of the confluence of many factors, including my new job, weird sleeping habits and other things. but the primary factor is now laziness. in fact it's not even entirely laziness to type out posts - i already have two posts on my cellphone, and all that's left to do is transfer them to my pc, something that takes 5 minutes at max.

i hope this phase of laziness ends soon. blogging is fun only when others can actually read your posts :D

1 comment:

WeirdISgooD said...

yes well, laziness is the keyto happiness. In some ways. Look at Garfeild. He has a whole comic strip to himself!

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