Wednesday, September 19, 2007

my recursive dream

today was a day of some interesting firsts: i slept for about an hour straight in a training session, i dreamed while sleeping in a training session, i dreamed about being in a training session (scary!), and i dreamed i was sleeping in the training session (phew!!!)

it was a really cool unix-speak, it was as if i forked into two existences, starting off at the same initial state (that of sleeping in the training session), but one of them was the dreaming me, and the other one was me in the dream (which was also sleeping, but my brain was too preoccupied with dreaming to worry about what i was dreaming about in my dream :D)

so yeah, the dream:

it started off with me sleeping in my real-world position (reclining back as far as i could, and resting my head on the edge of my table :P). i wasn't feeling too comfortable in that position, so i tried finding better positions to sleep in (all this, in my dream :D). i finally fell asleep again, this time in a comfortable position.

as i fell asleep (comfortably, this time), someone sitting nearby decided to push my chair for fun. now my chair is one of those with rollers, and pretty good rollers at that. it's very easy to roll along atleast half the training room with just a slight nudge (by the way, i'm a rather enthusiastic fan of that mode of intra-training-room transport :D). so i started getting pushed around from person to person around the room. i remember being eyed by the trainers (they were probably saving it up for use as ammo in my next in-dream review :P). finally, i rolled squarely into one of my batch mates (don't ask who ;) ) and woke up, both in my dream and in the class. fortunately, unlike the way it turned out in my dream, i didn't wake up in my batch mate's lap ;)

if only i remembered the comfortable position.

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