Saturday, June 09, 2007

my lack of sense of humor

this is a certain miss x's (pun intended) idea of a joke:
  • call me on wednesday and tell me she wants to meet me on saturday.

  • call me on friday night and tell me she can't meet me as her best friend gets only one off a week, and it's on saturday.

  • call me 11 hours later and tell me that she was joking, and that she really (seriously) wants to meet me.

this is *not* the same miss x's idea of a joke:
  • call me 2 hours later and tell me that she can't meet me because there's no electricity in her house and she can't leave home without a bath taken in electrically heated water.

i guess i have lost my sense of humor. people's jokes don't seem funny and their serious statements do.

ps: i hope someone isn't in splits reading this. if you are, please don't forget to blame it on my lack of sense of humor.

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